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BD Ring 001 Black Ceramic 10.5.jpg
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Welcome to Designing your Ring


Thank you for visiting our web site.  This page explains the process of ordering your custom stone inlaid ring from us.

Before you start you will want to know your ring size.  If you do not know it you have a few options on how to determine it.  One way is to go to a jewelry store in your area and ask to have them check your ring size.  Another option would be to get an adjustable ring sizer.  These are available on Amazon for around 5 dollars.

adjustable ring sizer.png

The first step will be to select what we call the ring blank.  This is a pre-made blank that is like the blank canvas that a painter would start with.  We have several choices for you to choose from with additional options being added from time to time.  Our current selection is listed  here.  You can click on the image for a larger picture, or when you are ready click on the text and it will take you to the custom ring order page.

Tungstne 8mm dual.jpg
Tungsten 8 mm.jpg
Black Ceramic 8mm.jpg

8mm Black Ceramic

Single Channel

White Ceramic 8mm.jpg

8mm White Ceramic

Single Channel

Tungsten hammered 8 mm offset.jpg
Black Ceramic 8mm offset.jpg

8mm Black Ceramic

Offset Single Channel

White Ceramic 8mm offset.jpg

8mm White Ceramic

Offset Single Channel

Blue 8 mm offset.jpg

8mm Blue Ceramic

Single Offset Channel

Tungsten 6 mm.jpg
Black Ceramic 6mm.jpg

6mm Black Ceramic

Single Channel

White Ceramic 6mm.jpg

6mm White Ceramic

Single Channel

Gold Plated 6mm.jpg

8mm Gold Plated

Single Offset Channel

Tungsten hammered 6 mm.jpg
Black Ceramic 4mm.jpg

4mm Black Ceramic

Single Channel

White Ceramic 4mm.jpg

4mm White Ceramic

Single Channel

The next step is to decide what opal color or colors you would like for your ring.  There are 92 different colors that you can choose from.  So let me know what you would like.

opals 1.jpg
Opals 2.jpg

The third step is to select the color of the pigment that you would like to compliment the opals with.  This can be a contrasting color or a different shade of the opal color.

I also have a selection of colors that will glow in the dark.

Most of these are a florescent tone.

Powders 1.jpg
Powder  bags.jpg
Powders 2.jpg

I can assist you with each of the steps and will do my best to make this an amazing Ring for you.

BD ring 169b Blue Ceramic 9.jpg
BD ring 058 Tungsten 8.5 - Repair.jpg
BD ring 043 Tungsten 9 - special.jpg
BD ring 042 White Ceramic 11.jpg
BD ring 171b Blue Ceramic 8.jpg
BD ring 172b Blue Ceramic 9.jpg
BD ring 068 White Ceramic 7.jpg
BD ring 039 Black Ceramic 11.jpg

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